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412TW Benefield Anechoic Facility (BAF) - Booth: 31
Address: 30 Hoglan AvenueBLDG 1030
Edwards AFB, CA, 93524
United States
Phone: 661-277-8607
Title: Dir of Operations/Project Development Lead
Contact Name: Edward Sabat
Email: edward.sabat.1@us.af.mil
Website: http://www.edwards.af.mil/Units/772nd-Test-Squadron/
412 TW Benefield Anechoic Facility (BAF) at the Air Force Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA. The BAF provides a robust RF T&E infrastructure to ensure system survivability and mission effectiveness for the DoD, industry and allies. The largest anechoic test facility (264ft L x 250ft W x 70ft H) provides a secure “virtual open-air RF range within four walls” — a valuable tool providing test engineering applied to the development and the T&E of RF systems. We conduct Antenna Pattern, EW/IO, Survivability, Electromagnetic Interoperability and Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) tests. The uniquely large BAF offers a highly flexible and scalable indoor antenna range and test capability for installed and uninstalled antenna systems across a wide spectrum. The well-equipped facility, with its positioners, turntable, hoist and integrated measurement equipment, offers a unique and extremely wide and flexible test capability. It has proven beneficial for the test of antennas as individual antennas to antenna systems integrated on large aircraft across a wide frequency spectrum and geometries. The indoor facility also provides a secure facility for special programs or other activities affected by regulatory restrictions (such as GPS outdoor testing). Visit us at our Booth #31. (http://www.edwards.af.mil/Units/772nd-Test-Squadron/)
Altair Engineering, Inc - Booth: 8, 9
Address: 1820 E Big Beaver Rd
Troy, MI, 48083
United States
Phone: 2486142400
Title: Logistics Marketing Coordinator
Contact Name: Stacey Gettig
Email: sgettig@altair.com
Website: https://www.altair.com/
Altair offers state of the art engineering simulation suite -HyperWorks®, widely used in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and shipbuilding industries. HperWorks Suite includes electromagnetic simulation tools, FEKO and WinProp. FEKO offers several frequency and time domain EM solvers under a single license. Hybridization of these methods enables the efficient analysis of a broad spectrum of EM problems, including antennas, microstrip circuits, RF components and biomedical systems, the placement of antennas on electrically large structures, the calculation of scattering as well as the investigation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). WinProp is a dedicated tool for wave propagation modeling and radio network planning. More information is available at - https://altairhyperworks.com/product/FEKO
Artech House - Booth: 24
Address: 685 Canton Street
Norwood, MA, 02062
United States
Phone: 781-769-9750
Title: Director of Sales & Marketing
Contact Name: Kevin Danahy
Email: kdanahy@artechhouse.com
Website: http://Artechhouse.com
A leading technical book publisher, Artech House provides today’s professionals and students with cutting-edge books and software from the world’s top authorities. From RF/microwave design, wireless communications, radar engineering, and electronic defense, to GPS/GNSS, power engineering, computer security, and building technology, Artech House publishes the forward-looking titles that engineers and managers need to excel. Artech House is a subsidiary of Horizon House Publications, Inc., publisher of the internationally acclaimed magazine Microwave Journal®.
COMSOL, Inc. - Booth: 21
Address: 100 District Ave
Burlington, MA, 01803
United States
Phone: 7812733322
Title: Marketing Assistant
Contact Name: Anna Nilsson
Email: anna@comsol.com
Website: https://www.comsol.com/
COMSOL Multiphysics® is an integrated software environment for creating physics-based models and simulation apps. A particular strength is its ability to account for coupled or multiphysics phenomena. Add-on products expand the simulation platform for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. Interfacing tools enable the integration of COMSOL Multiphysics® simulations with all major technical computing and CAD tools on the CAE market. Simulation experts rely on the COMSOL Server™ product to deploy apps to their design teams, manufacturing departments, test laboratories, and customers throughout the world. Stop by booth 21 to learn more about COMSOL software.
Copper Mountain Technologies - Booth: 30
Address: 631 E New York Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46202
United States
Phone: 3172225400
Title: Marketing & Communications Manager
Contact Name: Rebecca Wilson
Email: rebecca.w@coppermountaintech.com
Website: http://www.coppermountaintech.com
Copper Mountain Technologies develops innovative and robust RF test and measurement solutions for engineers worldwide. We specialize in the creation of solutions that enable RF and Microwave engineers to extend their reach through access to lab-grade instrumentation at affordable prices. Copper Mountain Technologies' world-class metrology and engineering resources work as an extension of your team. Copper Mountain Technologies is based in Indianapolis, IN. Copper Mountain Technologies began by developing telecom, RF & MW components, and test instrumentation for the European and Asian markets. Today, we provide VNAs for clients in close to 100 countries around the world. Our VNAs include an RF measurement module and a software application that runs on an external PC laptop or tablet and connects to the measurement hardware via USB interface. Users can take advantage of the latest operating systems, processing power, larger displays, and reliable performance of an external PC while realizing a lower total cost of ownership and simplified maintenance. The result is a faster, more effective test process that fits into the modern workspace. Our creative approach earned us the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Global Leadership in Innovation Award and the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Global USB VNA Product Leadership Award.
CST of America - Booth: 4
Address: 492 Old Connecticut Path Ste 500
Framingham, MA, 01701
United States
Phone: 5086654400
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Contact Name: Megan Schmidt
Email: Megan.schmidt@3ds.com
Website: http://www.cst.com
About CST CST is a market leader in providing 3D electromagnetic (EM) field simulation tools through a global network of sales and support staff and representatives. CST develops CST STUDIO SUITE, a package of high-performance software for the simulation of EM fields in all frequency bands. Its growing success is based on a combination of leading edge technology, a user-friendly interface and knowledgeable support staff. CST solutions are used by market leaders in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications. CST is part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand. Further information about CST is available on the web at www.cst.com. About SIMULIA The SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes enables users to leverage physics-based simulation and high-performance computing to power sustainable innovation for products, nature, and life. Powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, SIMULIA realistic simulation and optimization applications accelerate the process of making mission-critical design and engineering decisions before committing to costly and time-consuming physical prototypes. www.3ds.com/simulia.
HRL Laboratories LLC - Booth: 25
Address: 3011 Malibu Canyon Road
Malibu, CA, 90265
United States
Phone: 3103175968
Title: Manager
Contact Name: James Schaffner
Email: jhschaffner@hrl.com
Website: http://HRL.com
For more than 70 years, HRL's scientists and engineers have been on the leading edge of technology, conducting pioneering research, providing real-world technology solutions, and advancing the state of the art. We continue to be recognized as one of the world's premier physical science and engineering research laboratories. Our research collaborations with our LLC Member companies, government, commercial and academic institutions are realizing groundbreaking advances in ultra-high-performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, and innovative architected materials. Our technologies operate in space, on aircraft, in automobiles, and in a variety of consumer products. These technologies make us safer, support our national security and improve our quality of life. Our success is the result of our collaborative team of researchers, many of whom are the leading experts in their fields. Through their insights in support for our customers, we are finding the unique opportunities in technology. As we look to the future, the technologies we are enabling today will be integral to a prosperous, secure, sustainable world.
IEEE EMC Society - Booth: 22
Address: 445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ, 08854
Phone: 425 443 8106
Title: Janet O'Neil, Secretary, EMC Society Board of Directors
Contact Name: Janet O'Neil
Email: j.n.oneil@ieee.org
Website: http://www.emcs.org
The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the development and distribution of information, tools and techniques for the prevention and containment of electromagnetic interference. EMC is increasingly important in many emerging technologies including wireless 5G and IoT, autonomous vehicles, and smart grid, to name a few. The Society’s field of interest includes standards, measurement techniques and test procedures, instrumentation, equipment and systems characteristics, interference control techniques and components, education, computational analysis, and spectrum management, along with scientific, technical, industrial, professional or other activities that contribute to this field. Explore the many benefits of EMC Society membership, from being part of the Young Professionals as well as having access to many Standards resources and Distinguished Lecturers. You can be engaged at the global and/or local Chapter level. The EMC Society has over 80 regional chapters in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Join today and give your career a much-needed boost!
IEEE MTT Society - Booth: 23
Address: 445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ, 08854
Phone: 61-3-9925-5064
Contact Name: Kamran Ghorbani
Email: kamran.ghorbani@rmit.edu.au
Website: https://www.mtt.org
The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) is a transnational society with more than 10,500 members and 190 chapters worldwide. Our society promotes the advancement of microwave theory and its applications, including RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies. For more than 60 years, the MTT-S has worked to advance the professional standing of its members and enhance the quality of life for all people through the development and application of microwave technology. As we enter into an exciting future, our mission is to continue to understand and influence microwave technology and to provide a forum for all microwave engineers. The MTT-S will continue to be the global focus for the promotion of the RF and microwave engineering profession, by advancing and distributing knowledge and supporting professional development.
IMST GmbH - Booth: 29
Address: Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Str. 2-4
Kamp-Lintfort, NRW, 47475
Phone: +49 2842 9810
Title: Senior Engineer
Contact Name: Winfried Simon
Email: jablonka@imst.de
Website: http://www.imst.com
IMST GmbH is a competence center and professional development house for antennas, high-frequency circuits, wireless modules, and complete communications systems. We provide individualized support to any customer during every phase of product development, from initial consulting to series production. IMST has the added resources of critical partnerships in the commercial marketplace and in the publicly sponsored research sector. The new 3D EM solver EMPIRE XPU will be presented which covers nearly all today's design challenges for RF designers, like antennas, passive circuits, packages, waveguides or EMC/EMI problems. Due to its efficient implementation it is possible to model large scale problems with up to, e.g. 1000 million FDTD Cells using EMPIRE XPU on a 24 GByte PC* with a performance of up to 14000 MCells/s. Please visit our booth No. 29 and have a discussion with our experts.
Michigan State University - University Row
Address: 428 S Shaw Ln RM 2120
East Lansing, MI, 48824
United States
Phone: 517-355-5231
Title: Professor
Contact Name: Edward Rothwell
Email: rothwell@egr.msu.edu
Website: https://ece.msu.edu/
MIG Microwave Innovation Group - Booth: 32
Address: Fahrenheitstr. 11
Bremen, Bremen, 28359
Phone: 0049 2237 9660
Title: GM
Contact Name: Jill Arndt
Email: mig@mig-germany.com
Website: http://www.mig-germany.com
WASP-NET®: Resource-saving fast all-in-one EM CAD software used by performance oriented space- and microwave companies worldwide for time and cost efficiently solving EM design challenges. WASP-NET’s pioneering multi-solver engine proves extremely well suited to efficiently optimize microwave and antenna networks without needing time consuming data transfers between diverse software packages.
Mini-Circuits - Booth: 34
Address: No 13 Neptune Ave
brooklyn, NY, 11235
United States
Phone: 7182695224
Title: Advertising Manager
Contact Name: Ilamcheran Alvapillai
Email: ilamcheran@minicircuits.com
Website: http://www.minicircuits.com
Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of RF/IF and Microwave products from DC to 65 GHz for commercial, industrial, and military applications. With design, manufacturing and sales locations in over 30 countries, Mini-Circuits offers 27 product lines comprising over 10,000 unique models as well as custom designs. Our products are used in a wide range of wired and wireless communication systems including telecommunications, CATV and broadband/optical networks, defense, aerospace, test and measurement, medical and diagnostic and more. Mini-Circuits is an ISO 9001, AS9100 and ISO 14001 certified company, and our organization is built around our passion for world-class products, quality, and customer service. We’re proud to be the preferred supplier to over 20,000 customers worldwide with the industry’s largest selection of components, subsystems, and test solutions to support the advancement of technologies that improve the ways people live and work all over the world.
MVG | Microwave Vision Group - Booth: 3
Address: 2105 Barrett Park Dr NW
Kennesaw, GA, 30144
United States
Phone: 6787979172
Title: Sales and Managing Director
Contact Name: John Estrada
Email: john.estrada@mvg-us.com
Website: http://www.microwavevision.com
The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) is a premier supplier of antenna measurement and EMC testing solutions. Our systems allow users to visualize electromagnetic waves propagating in microwave frequencies and thus to evaluate the performance of antennas or devices under test. We are dedicated to the Telecommunications, Satellite, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, and EMC&CE sectors as well as research institutes. MVG brings together the technical expertise, product portfolios and infrastructures of four industry leaders: SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI, Inc, & Rainford EMC. The result is an unrivaled spectrum of key technologies and system building blocks for antenna measurement and EMC activities. The Group provides the broadest range of measurement techniques available on the market: near-field and far-field antenna measurement, antenna technology, EMC testing, EMP, RF safety and industrial inspection. MVG is thus the natural choice for clients seeking complete, fast, accurate and reliable testing and measurement solutions. • End to End Solutions: Our customers benefit from the combined project management skills of the entire Group to find not only a complete measurement solution for their needs, but a team that will accompany them from design to commission. • Technological Leap: Combining electronic probe arrays and precision electro-mechanical systems, our research and engineering departments are consistent in developing cutting edge technologies and in aiming to meet evolving measurement requirements.
NSI-MI Technologies - Booth: 27, 28
Address: 1125 Satellite Blvd, Suite 100
Suwanee, GA, 30024
United States
Phone: 6784758300
Title: Director of Marketing
Contact Name: Michelle Taylor
Email: mtaylor@nsi-mi.com
Website: https://www.nsi-mi.com
NSI-MI Technologies supports the aerospace/defense, automotive, wireless and academic industries with a comprehensive range of industry leading microwave test systems for antennas, radomes and RCS. Our unique blend of mechanical, RF and software engineering capabilities enable us to customize test systems for specialized solutions. Our wide range of products also allow us to offer solutions for material, production line or general automated component testing. NSI-MI’s global presence supports the highest quality service to ensure long term use of all test products supplied. We also offer extensive in-house test and measurement facilities covering frequencies from 250 MHz to 110 GHz. Visit us in Booth 27 & 28 during the conference to find out how YOU can Test with Confidence!
Ohio State ElectroScience Lab - University Row
Address: 1330 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH, 43212
United States
Phone: 614-292-0609
Title: Senior Associate Director
Contact Name: Alissa Comella
Email: comella.3@osu.edu
Website: http://electroscience.osu.edu
The ElectroScience Lab (ESL) is a 60,000 sq ft research facility focused on all aspects of wireless communications and electro-optics, including remote sensing, radar signal processing, sensors and sensor fusion, antennas, radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits, terahertz, millimeter waves, optics and photonics.
Oklahoma State University - University Row
Address: 202 ENGINEERING S
STILLWATER, OK, 74078-5031
United States
Phone: 405-744-5153
Title: Professor
Contact Name: Jim West
Email: jim.west@okstate.edu
Website: https://ece.okstate.edu/
Comprehensive, public university
PPG/Cuming Microwave Corporation - Booth: 26
Address: 264 Bodwell Street
Avon, Ma., 02322
United States
Phone: 1-508-521-6710
Title: Sales Engineer
Contact Name: Mark Lauzon
Email: mlauzon@ppg.com
Website: http://www.cumingmicrowave.com
Cuming Microwave Corporation, part of PPG Aerospace, is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 microwave materials manufacturer focusing on EM Absorbers and EM Suppression Materials; C-RAM® microwave and radar absorbing materials, turnkey Anechoic & EMC Chambers, and C-STOCK® low-loss dielectric materials. Cuming Microwave Corporation, part of PPG Aerospace, specializes in the development, manufacturing and measurement of microwave materials serving the military & aerospace, telecom, electronics, automotive, and medical markets. Since 1980 we have been supplying high reliability and commercial applications with specialty materials focusing on the absorption and transfer of electromagnetic energy.
Raytheon - Booth: 12
Address: 1001 Boston Post Road
Marlborough, MA, 01752
United States
Phone: 508-490-2625
Title: IDS EDD Tech/Process Director
Contact Name: James Rooney
Email: jrooney@raytheon.com
Website: http://www.raytheon.com
Raytheon Company, with 2017 sales of $25 billion and 64,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of innovation spanning 96 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, C5I™ products and services, sensing, effects, and mission support for customers in more than 80 countries. Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Follow us on Twitter.
REMCOM INC - Booth: 5
Address: 315 S. ALLEN ST.SUITE 416
State College, PA, 16801
United States
Phone: 8148611299
Title: Marketing Director
Contact Name: Stefanie Lucas
Email: stefanie.lucas@remcom.com
Website: https://www.remcom.com/
Remcom provides electromagnetic simulation and site-specific radio propagation software for analyzing complex EM problems and antenna propagation. We will be demonstrating Wireless InSite MIMO, our unique ray tracing software for simulating MIMO antennas for 5G, WiFi, and other applications relevant to today's rapidly advancing technologies. The software simulates the detailed multipath of large numbers of MIMO channels while overcoming the increased level of computations required for traditional ray tracing methods. We will also feature XFdtd’s new circuit co-simulation capability, which facilitates a more realistic analysis of device performance by including imported circuit components within the EM simulation. The schematic for a desired component may be imported into XF via a netlist file, with support for SPICE elements such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, coupled inductors, and subcircuits. Visit Remcom’s booth for a demonstration.
The National Association for Amateur Radio--ARRL - Booth: 23
Contact Name: Phil Temples
Email: k9hi@arrl.org
Website: http://www.arrl.org
Please stop by and see the station in operation!
TICRA - Booth: 33
Address: Landemaerket 29, 5th floor
Copenhagen K, N/A, 1119
Phone: +45 3312 4572
Title: Marketing Consultant
Contact Name: Dorthe Bang Friberg
Email: dbf@ticra.com
Website: http://www.ticra.com/
TICRA is the world's leading supplier of antenna modelling software for antenna industries, including spacecraft manufacturers and space agencies, earth-station antenna suppliers, defence industries and research institutions. With 45 years of experience in developing trusted solutions for the space industry, TICRA provides highly accurate EM simulation software for reflector antennas and related feed systems. Our expert engineers are available to customers through software support and consultancy services. Two of the main products, GRASP and CHAMP, are essential whether you work with simple parabolic dish designs, advanced satellite systems or radio telescopes, while POS is the design program behind many of the shaped reflectors in geostationary orbit today. DIATOOL addresses the need of antenna engineers faced with diagnosing the cause of antenna mal-function, performing 3-D reconstruction of the field sources from measurement data and the SNIFT program performs hundreds of spherical near-field to far-field transformations every day in NF ranges all over the world. The satellite coverage planning tool SATSOFT is used by satellite operators, consultants, system and antenna engineers worldwide.
Wiley - Booth: 20
Address: 111 River Street
Hoboken, NJ, 07030
United States
Phone: 2017485851
Title: Exhibits Specialist
Contact Name: Claire Kelly
Email: clkelly@wiley.com
Website: http://www.wiley.com
Wiley, a global company, helps people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our online scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals, combined with our digital learning, assessment and certification solutions help universities, societies, businesses, governments, and individuals increase the academic and professional impact of their work.
WIPL-D d.o.o. - Booth: 35
Address: Gandijeva 7 apt 32
Belgrade, N/A, 11073
Phone: 381112289350
Title: Head of Sales
Contact Name: Sladjana Vukajlovic
Email: sladjana.vukajlovic@wipl-d.com
Website: https://www.wipl-d.com/
WIPL-D, with its flagship software products WIPL-D Pro and WIPL-D Pro CAD, enables users worldwide to perform fast and accurate high-frequency simulations of antennas, antenna positioning, microwave circuits, scatterers etc. The combination of MoM and higher-order basis functions makes it unique on the market. WIPL-D staff provides technical support and design assistance within very short response-period, thus making WIPL-D not only a tool provider, but also a valuable cooperator to the users. Find out more at www.wipl-d.com.